Shannon Honeycutt, founder of Spark Joy Charlotte and certified KonMarie Consultant, created an online experience where you will learn the philosophy behind the KonMari Method, discover what it means to live a life that Sparks Joy and practice the famous KonMari vertical folding technique.

Registration required to receive 48 hour access

to the customized webpage that includes:

60-min pre-recorded webinar, two folding videos—t-shirts & pants, F.A.Q. section, and a downloadable tidying checklist.


Our customized webpage will be active:

Thursday January 27th at 6pm until

Saturday January 29th at 6pm


We will offer an in-house viewing of the pre-recorded session, folding videos, as well as copies of the handouts in our large meeting room on:

Thursday, January 27th at 6:30pm


Please use this form to register for the link to our customized webpage or if you are planning to attend the in person viewing of the

pre-recorded session.   


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