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November 4th – December 28th

“Forty Views of the Great Ponds and Their Surroundings”

 by Sally Spooner and Jennifer OKeefe

​During the month of November and December, the Great Ponds Gallery will exhibit photographs by Sally Spooner and Jennifer OKeefe, residents of Lakeville and Taunton respectively.  They both enjoy photographing the many views of the ponds in the Assawompset Pond Complex. “Forty Views of the Great Ponds and Their Surroundings” will be an exhibition of two good friends collaborating to display a lifelong love for the natural world right in their own backyards​.

Gallery Reception: Saturday, November 4th (11am-1pm)

January - February 2024

“Decorative Painting on Wood and Metal”

 by the Lakeville Historical Commission

"Decorative Painting on Wood and Metal" is sponsored by the Lakeville Historical Commission in its continued effort to expand the public's knowledge on a variety of topics and their connection to events and trends over time. Decorative painting is commonly referred to as "tole". Its beginnings go back to prehistoric cave paintings, then moves through civilizations until we get to our current time period. This exhibit focuses on only two surface mediums, wood and metal. The skills of the artisan can vary greatly. Some of the painting is free hand and other items are stenciled. Many items were in frequent use and show it! We are always interested in loaned items for the two months. Please contact LHC Secretary Nancy LaFave if you would like to share an item. .
Contact the Gallery Arts Committee by e-mail at: gallery@lakevillelibrary.org
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The Great Ponds Gallery is located in the community meeting room of the Lakeville Public Library. The library is more than just books; it is a community meeting and
cultural center.

The Gallery Arts Committee is pleased to provide a venue for the exhibition of the original works of local and regional artists.

The Great Ponds Gallery welcomes artists of all levels of experience, working with all media. The gallery is able to display various sizes of framed or matted art and textiles, as well as small 3-dimensional artworks in acrylic wall-mounted cases.

If you are interested in exhibiting in the Great Ponds Gallery, please submit an application:

Original Art Application
Personal Collection Application

The Great Ponds Gallery