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October 19 - December 27, 2021


Drip Line Varations by Dan Cooney

 In addition to a range of floral themed paintings, Mr. Cooney will present several pieces from his most recent series "Drip Line Variations," which were created partially as a reaction to the recent pandemic. Through the work, Mr. Cooney will be showcasing some of the many painterly approaches he has taken over the years, in an attempt to capture the energetic beauty and expressive qualities of nature.

Opening Reception:  Saturday, November 6th (Noon - 1:30pm)

The Great Ponds Gallery is located in the community meeting room of the Lakeville Public Library. The library is more than just books; it is a community meeting and
cultural center.

The Gallery Arts Committee is pleased to provide a venue for the exhibition of the original works of local and regional artists.

The Great Ponds Gallery welcomes artists of all levels of experience, working with all media. The gallery is able to display various sizes of framed or matted art and textiles, as well as small 3-dimensional artworks in acrylic wall-mounted cases.

If you are interested in exhibiting in the Great Ponds Gallery, please submit an application:

Original Art Application
Personal Collection Application

The Great Ponds Gallery

January 10 - February 24, 2022


Lakes and Couches by Joseph Fontina

The Great Ponds Gallery will feature “Lakes and Couches”, an exhibit of oils by Lakeville resident Joseph Fontinha, a high school teacher with a  passion for painting. His work offers a slow and forensic account of his painting  experience.  He sees a painting as a collection of many moments; he preserves only those that he won’t negotiate.  He describes this exhibit as “Some things look like lakes, and some look like couches.”

You may view his art at www.josephfontinha.com.

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